Know Thy Product

Successful product development includes thoroughly understanding how customers will implement the product and deploy it throughout the enterprise. A correct understanding of product implementation and deployment must be included in product design to ensure that promotion and sales are targeted to the right prospects. Missing this critical point can lead to costly lost time and brand damage.

Getting product development right is critically important for marketing intangibles like people and processes; as well as for marketing intangible/tangible product combinations like human services and data, regardless of whether the product is delivered face to face, or electronically over the air, internet or even a cellphone connection.

Clumsy promotional strategies built entirely on online and electronic media provide a telltale sign of flawed product development when the product is complicated and a purchase decision depends upon multiple approvals within an enterprise. Even worse, these strategies spell doom for branding efforts intended to position the product away from a commodity.

Complicated products like management consulting or advisory services require carefully thought out promotional campaigns and sales lead development efforts. The reality is that competition for customers looking for these products is fierce. There is little time to recover and re-align efforts in these markets. Better get efforts right the first time.

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