Build Highly Successful Products to Deliver Palpable, Clear Cost Savings and Win Big

Jeff Thull, in his book “Mastering the Complex Sale” makes a strong case for delivering tangible, observable cost savings to customers as the foundation for successful complex selling to enterprise business customers. I agree completely with Mr. Thull’s point. In Read more ›

Maintain A Flexible Approach to Sales Forecasts & Go-to-Market Plans

As of late I have heard many allusions to “driving the car & changing the wheels at the same time” from clients and their prospects. This automotive metaphor depicts today’s business realities. Startup businesses & other hyper growth operations that Read more ›

Manage White Label, OEM & Direct Sales Efforts to Minimize Unhealthy Collisions within Accounts

Injecting while label and/or OEM indirect sales channels into your distribution architecture can do lots for boosting sales volume and effectiveness. Why? Just consider the old cliche “it’s not what you know, but who you know that counts,” you will Read more ›

Use White Label or OEM Products to Turbo Charge Sales Into Enterprise Business Targets

Consider offering a white label or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) version of your tangible or intangible product or solution to create an entirely separate dimension to your enterprise sales efforts for large corporate prospects. With regard to intangibles, as long Read more ›

The Importance of Track Record to Successful Repeat Business with Enterprise Class Businesses

It’s absolutely essential that your first successful sales into enterprise class business prospects are completely successful for your customers. Whether you’re placing a piece of computer hardware into Clorox, or you’ve just closed a complex sale of hardware, software and Read more ›

Two Diamonds in the Rough Field of Enterprise Sales — Centralized Purchasing & Repeat Buy Potential

Enterprise sales possesses at least two brilliant diamonds that rarely fail to attract marketers: Centralized, Bulk Purchasing, and Healthy Repeat Buy Potential Let’s take a look at centralized, bulk purchasing: As of year end, 2010, IBM Corporation employed 426,751 people. Read more ›