Tech Innovators with Resources Ought to Maintain Tactical and Strategic Sales and Marketing Efforts Simultaneously

New businesses with technology products targeted to larger business and public sector prospects do well to support strategic and tactical sales and marketing efforts simultaneously. The inclination is to over emphasize one or the other set of activities. Some of Read more ›

Limits on framing marketing communications around an argument from authority

Social media advocates often frame marketing communications efforts around a rhetorical argument from authority. This type of communication is crafted to convince the reader that a particular approach ought to be adopted based upon eitherthe soundness of its logic or Read more ›

Value Based Pricing Should Never Equate With Expensive Pricing

Dr. Jim Anderson authors the blog, The Accidental Project Manager. I read Dr. Anderson’s post, “Confessions of a Product Killer” with interest. After all, Dr. Anderson communicated in simple phrases some foundation-level principles of product marketing, principally that overlapping products Read more ›

Online Marketing and Sales Complement Direct Marketing, Teleprospecting Campaigns

It is essential that innovative technology businesses maintain control over the prominence of a business in all marketing venues including, but not limited to: Online Social Media and Brick and Motor Naturally the decision may well make sense to limit Read more ›

Peculiarities of marketing software to large groups in the public and private sectors

A radically different computing era was ushered in around 1985 with the advent of the so-called personal computer. Pertinent to this post is the observation that the personal computing era was characterized by a shift from cloud computing resources (in Read more ›