Include a psychological picture of sales and marketing candidates as standard operating procedure for innovative tech recruitment

Analyzing the results of personality testing tools like a Myers Briggs profile or the results of a Kuder vocational aptitude test is a worthwhile activity for recruiters who need to identify staff for innovative technology businesses. In our experience there Read more ›

Recommended Activities to Support Social Engagement and eMail Messaging

Outbound eMail Messaging Periodic announcements, including press releases, invitations to webinars/seminars/conferences, white papers, etc can be legitimately followed with unsolicited telephone calls to email recipients. These calls need to be scripted to either repeat the announcement, to solicit attendance, or Read more ›

Social, Search Engine and eMail Marketing Strategies to Develop Valuable Sales Leads

Incoming eMail Inquiries Where online public branding is correctly aligned with marketing strategy, incoming email inquiries about products and/or services constitute highly valuable leads. The catch, obviously, is to ensure that the planned transparency has been achieved, the right message Read more ›

What Constitutes a Valuable Sales Lead?

An important job for anyone in a sales management position is to define what “valuable” means with regard to leads. Not all leads are the same. Some leads will be very valuable. But other leads will have little value. Therefore, Read more ›

What is the Likelihood of Successfully Delegating Responsibility for Marketing and Sales Strategy to One Individual?

Obviously, an early stage innovative technology business faces substantial growing pains, many of which stem from funding constraints. A prominent type of growing pain is identifying and recruiting an effective management team that can deliver on the promise of a Read more ›