Thoroughly Sample Markets Before Finalizing Product Development Plans to Avoid Costly Oversight

We are very strong believers in the value of “customer-centric” product development. Our belief translates into a strong dictate NOT to proceed on any product development prior to collecting sufficient opinions from market contacts to support a meaningful decision as Read more ›

Capturing Audience Sentiment on Campaigns is an Essential Method of Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing Communications

It ought to be mandatory that any opportunity to engage with contacts produced by specific marketing communications campaigns include a set of questions crafted to sample audience opinion of the quality of the communications piece. Nevertheless, this opportunity to listen Read more ›

Use a Call to Action in a Variety of Different Landing Pages to Motivate Web Site Visitors to Submit Names for Lead Generation

Early stage enterprise IT ISVs should allocate resources required to craft web site content into a method of encouraging visitors to submit contact information for lead generation programs. Missing the low cost opportunity represented by a web site as a Read more ›