Enterprise IT Software Sales People Must be Comfortable Playing the Role of Facilitators

We very much like how the BusinessDictionary dot com web site defines the term “facilitator”. In fact, this definition illuminates not only the activities typical of facilitation, which include: ensuring clear communication between members of a team, and contributing to Read more ›

Matrix Sales Organizations Foster Healthy Contention which can Only Help the Growth of Enterprise IT ISVs

Enterprise IT ISVs, in early stages of growth, should consider implementing matrix sales organizations. As per the web site of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council a matrix organizational structure is “[a]n organizational structure in which two (or more) channels Read more ›

How to Use Teleprospecting to Compile Information About Competitors

Teleprospecting can be used successfully to compile information about competitors. Roughly speaking, there are 3 different methods worth considering: Covert activity, commonly referred to as G2 calls Overt activity and discussions with Prospects/Customers Covert activity We like the definition of Read more ›

A Multi Dimensional Marketing Communications Plan is a Necessity in 2012 for Enterprise IT Products

A multidimensional marketing communications plan is a necessity in 2012 for enterprise IT ISVs that operate above the radar. This MARCOM plan should include: Paid Online Advertising Search Engine Optimization Social Media Teleprospecting Print Promotion Industry Visibility at Trade Shows, Read more ›