Selling Enterprise Computing Support Services is all About Commodities and Having a Very Low Cost of Delivery

On September 13, 2012, the All Things Digital web site published an interview, conducted by Mr. Arik Hesseldahl, with Mr. Stephen Schuckenbrock, Head of Services for Dell. The points of this interview that were most meaningful for us where: Mr. Read more ›

A Product Spokesman is a Mandatory Role for the Debut of New Enterprise IT Software

Enterprise IT ISVs in need of a method of rapidly building market awareness of new products should carefully consider designating a product spokesperson. This product spokesperson should be charged with promoting new products through a variety of media, including: Print, Read more ›

A Disciplined Application of Coordinated Promotional Campaigns with Direct Telephone Contact is an Optimum Strategy for Enterprise IT ISVs

It makes little sense for enterprise IT ISVs to maintain daily telemarketing outreach efforts without a promotional component. In our experience, the best return from efforts is to be obtained from coordinated campaigns that include a promotional component in the Read more ›

Contacts Must be Regularly Removed from Enterprise IT Software Lead Lists to Maintain a Courteous Rapport with Market Place Participants

So-called opt-in email programs are frequently abused by clumsy marketing communications teams. These teams, often working on behalf of enterprise IT software ISVs, abuse the privilege of regularly communicating with specific recipients by inundating them with high frequency email messages. Read more ›