The Profile of a Likely Successful Sales Person for Software has Evolved Substantially Over the Last Few Years

The profile of the type of sales person who will likely be successful selling software products, services and solutions to enterprise class businesses has evolved, substantially, over the last few years. In our opinion, sales people who are: much better Read more ›

Mass Market Promotional Venues like Radio and even Television may be Accessible to Early Stage Enterprise IT ISVs

The number of low power radio and television stations operating across the United States has grown substantially over the last decade. Some of this growth is the direct result of a change in the method by which the Federal Communications Read more ›

High Quality Contact Lists are Essential to Telemarketing Efforts to Generate Leads for Enterprise IT Software

We have little tolerance for low quality contact lists. Our tolerance is especially low where list vendors prominent. We recommend corrective action whenever a client encounters excessive list errors. The higher the cost for list subscription, the greater our urgency Read more ›

Telemarketing Calls Placed to Generate Leads for Enterprise IT Software Should Conclude Promptly When Objectives have been Achieved

Once contacts express interest in a topic, telemarketers generating leads for enterprise IT ISVs ought to promptly conclude calls and move on. Therefore objectives should be clearly established before telemarketers begin to work on call campaigns. Generally, these objectives can Read more ›

It Makes Sense to Include Some Presentation in Direct Outreach Telemarketing Calls for Enterprise IT

It makes sense for enterprise IT ISVs to use direct marketing, and, specifically, telemarketing in their lead generation efforts. We have written extensively on the topic of telemarketing and a variant of telemarketing — teleprospecting — in this blog. Telemarketing Read more ›