Device Apps Provide ISVs and Their Hardware Partners with a Compelling Method of Maximizing Recurring Revenue Models

Apps provide ISVs and their hardware partners with a powerful method of closely coupling durable and non durable components of what we have referred to as a “razorblade” product development strategy. With computing systems effectively locked down, as they are Read more ›

Cloud Computing and Software as a Service are Examples of Computing Products that Conform to Razorblade Product Design

Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) offers amount to examples of our notion of “razorblade” product design applied to office automation and information technology (IT) markets. For both of these types of products, the durable component of the Read more ›

A Further Word on Why We Think Enterprise IT ISVs Ought to Build Products with a Minimal Feature Set

We published a post or two to this blog, recently, on the topic of why it makes sense for product marketers at enterprise IT ISVs to focus, entirely, on equipping products with no more than a minimum set of requested Read more ›

Teleprospecting can be Successfully Used Within a Product Development Program to Identify High Probability Opportunities

One of our clients, Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has been awarded the bronze prize for SharePoint product of the year, 2012, by Windows IT Pro magazine. Our client’s product that won this award, VisualSP™ is a help system for Microsoft® SharePoint® Read more ›

Early Stage Enterprise IT ISVs can plan on a Single Role for Head of Sales and Marketing

Enterprise IT ISvs can plan on combining responsibilities for marketing (including product marketing and marketing communications), and sales into one leadership position. In fact, it makes complete to implement this staffing strategy. The facts are that it is critically important Read more ›

Enterprise IT ISVs Must Anticipate Requests for On Premises Demonstration Software for Proof of Concept

There is little to no likelihood that enterprise sales prospects will proceed on an important purchase without testing solutions. A proof of concept phase will be required in order to demonstrate that a planned software purchase will deliver the value Read more ›