Avoid Designing New Technology Products Dependent on Parallel Changes Outside of Your Control

On July 10, 2013, Mr. Michael Endler, Associate Editor of Information Week, published an article to the Information Week website: Microsoft Preaches XP Conversion. The problem Mr. Endler describes in his article, amounts to a public relations snafu for Microsoft®. Read more ›

Investor Interests in Early Stage Technology Businesses Can Provide Telltale Indicators of a Product Cycle Peak

We think studying investment decisions made by venture capital firms is a useful activity. The CEOs of early stage technology businesses gain important insights into product life cycles by observing how the venture capital financing sector opts to commit its Read more ›

When Content Marketing is Used with an Appeal to Authority ISVs can Turn Market Sentiment — for Better or Worse

On July 3, 2013, Michael Hickens, the Editor of the Wall Street Journal blog, CIO, published a post on Ford Motor Company, ‘The Morning Download: Ford Test-Drives Software-Driven Manufacturing’. This piece is an example of the power of a combination Read more ›