Online Marketers Need to Look to Tools Like VisualVisitor to Fill the Gap Left by Changes to Google Analytics

Online marketers need to look to tools like VisualVisitor to fill the growing gap between their need to gather information from website visits and the information available to them from widely used tools like Google Analytics. Analytics offers a tremendous Read more ›

Channel Conflicts — Android Style: Why is the Moto G Hitting the Market, but not the Chinese Market?

On Wednesday, November 13, 2013, Google’s Motorola Mobility unit announced the “Moto G”, an ultra low cost smart phone. This device, which sports a high resolution screen and “the latest Android” O/S, is available at a very low retail price Read more ›

Google Understands the Importance of Emerging Markets to Continued Explosive Growth of Smart Phone Sales

The Android 4.4 KitKat O/S promises to provide smart phone users with a better method of delivering the kind of highly useful information Google’s search engine requires to successfully serve relevant results to queries. Google advertisers are also likely to Read more ›