A Brief Interview with John Thompson, Microsoft’s New Chairman, Provides Some Clues as to Likely Near Term Future Priorities for this Mature ISV

On February 28, 2014, Mia Saini of Bloomberg TV briefly interviewed John Thompson, Microsoft’s new Chairman. Saini includes some questions about Mr. Thompson’s other significant current venture, Virtual Instruments. But this post will only speak to a few of the Read more ›

Can Mozilla Successfully Challenge Android for Significant Share of Emerging Market Consumer Appetite for Mobile Devices?

To date, Google’s Android business unit has claimed to be the sole significant representative of open source O/S options for mobile devices. Leaving aside, for the moment, whether Android’s O/S architecture really complies with OpenSource standards, or not (I don’t Read more ›

CloudShare’s Development and Testing Offer Meets the Requirements of Modern Software Prototyping Best Practices

Many enterprise IT organizations, and their peers in the public and not-for-profit sectors have embraced software prototyping. A review of the components of an industry-standard software prototyping procedure can provide decision-makers with the qualifiers they need to choose the right Read more ›