On the Value of Quotes from Authority for Successful Marketing Communications for Enterprise IT Software

In our experience, quotable endorsements from industry authorities make for the most valuable editorial content for marketing communications for enterprise IT software products. However, lining up these endorsements is not an easy matter. It helps if senior management is, of Read more ›

Capturing Audience Sentiment on Campaigns is an Essential Method of Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing Communications

It ought to be mandatory that any opportunity to engage with contacts produced by specific marketing communications campaigns include a set of questions crafted to sample audience opinion of the quality of the communications piece. Nevertheless, this opportunity to listen Read more ›

Telemarketing Calls Deliver More Return as a Follow Up to Marketing Communications

Tech innovators with products and services for complex markets should include telemarketing programs within their sales efforts. But telemarketing campaigns will deliver much higher results when they are initiated subsequent to completion of electronic and/or print marketing communications efforts. Simply Read more ›

Injecting Brand Strategy into TeleProspecting Activity

Over the last several years we’ve worked with tech innovators who have eschewed traditional marketing communications activities as the result of a larger business effort to operate under the radar. We’ve treated the rational for pursuing this larger business effort Read more ›

Limits on framing marketing communications around an argument from authority

Social media advocates often frame marketing communications efforts around a rhetorical argument from authority. This type of communication is crafted to convince the reader that a particular approach ought to be adopted based upon eitherthe soundness of its logic or Read more ›