Applying Complex Selling Techniques to IT Commodity Products

The same principles of complex sales can be applied to selling technology commodities like PCs, servers, printers, routers, etc. to enterprise customers with high value results. When prospects are permitted an opportunity from an initial conversation (and thereafter) to endorse Read more ›

Manage White Label, OEM & Direct Sales Efforts to Minimize Unhealthy Collisions within Accounts

Injecting while label and/or OEM indirect sales channels into your distribution architecture can do lots for boosting sales volume and effectiveness. Why? Just consider the old cliche “it’s not what you know, but who you know that counts,” you will Read more ›

The Importance of Track Record to Successful Repeat Business with Enterprise Class Businesses

It’s absolutely essential that your first successful sales into enterprise class business prospects are completely successful for your customers. Whether you’re placing a piece of computer hardware into Clorox, or you’ve just closed a complex sale of hardware, software and Read more ›

Using Telemarketing to develop Leads for Complex Sales

Businesses selling complex intangible products and services typically steer clear of mass market advertising campaigns for sales leads. This strategy makes good logical sense when one considers the fact that intangibles have subjective value contingent on specific situations; for example, Read more ›