Compliance is important for edge computing developers

Compliance is important for edge computing developers, at least as Eric Prince, CEO of Cloudflare sees it. In a story written by Thomas Claburn and published on Monday, July 27, 2020, titled “Cloudflare’s new serverless platform lets its Workers run for 15 minutes before giving them the boot“, Claburn quotes Eric Prince, CEO of Cloudflare making a bold claim about today’s must haves for developers of edge computing solutions:

“‘”It’s going to turn out that regulatory compliance is the most important thing of all,‘”

Why is compliance going to become important for edge computing developers? Because government regulators all over the world are requiring data be stored locally. The big benefit of edge computing is handling all of the processing as locally as possible. Prince thinks developers will be shouldering an ever increasing portion of the compliance burden. We think this change is a big one.

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