A Disciplined Application of Coordinated Promotional Campaigns with Direct Telephone Contact is an Optimum Strategy for Enterprise IT ISVs

It makes little sense for enterprise IT ISVs to maintain daily telemarketing outreach efforts without a promotional component. In our experience, the best return from efforts is to be obtained from coordinated campaigns that include a promotional component in the form of a piece of marketing communications carefully designed to deliver information in a manner that will elicit an optimum response from recipients, along with a telemarketing follow up program that will commence no earlier than 24 hours after receipt of MARCOM by recipients, but no later than 3 days from the same date of receipt.

In our experience daily telemarketing campaigns undertaken without a marketing communications component are almost always perceived as “cold calls” with all of the negative connotations that usually accompany this type of telephone call. Some technology businesses pin their lead generation efforts around “cold calls” and, further, consider this approach to be a least cost solution for business expansion. We think the low cost of this type of activity stems from the fact that the personnel usually charged with this activity are rarely, if ever compensated for their time in any manner beyond a contingent share in a sale as the result of sales commission. Yet, when costs like these are calculated, we think that it is a rare business that factors in the cost of personnel turnover (as the result of a very low return on personal investment) in the total cost of this lead generation method.

In fact, we think that repetitive cold calling, undertaken independently, without a coordinated promotional campaign that includes marketing communications content is, actually, a very expensive approach to lead generation. Further, habituating on this method can actually result in a retardation of the otherwise normal growth rate for a technology business like an enterprise IT ISV.

Better to put together periodic, coordinated campaigns that couple marketing communications content with a telemarketing follow up component. Approaching lead generation from this angle, and monitoring historical campaign results, can produce data that will, undoubtedly, prove to be very useful for business planning purposes. Of most importance, the impression that these campaigns will make on the prospects that receive collateral and follow up telemarketing calls, will be substantially more favorable than the result of the “cold calls” that we have characterized, above.

If you head up a technology business and understand the importance of a successful effort to generate leads, then you ought to seriously consider building a set of coordinated campaigns that include a marketing communications piece along with a follow up telemarketing effort. If you lack the internal resources to produce these campaigns, it makes sense to contract with a third party firm that can get the job done correctly.

IMB Enterprises, Inc. has the resources to successfully execute on this type of requirement. Please contact us to learn further. You can call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion about our services plan. You may also email Ira at imblonder@imbenterprises.com.

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