More Often Than Not, Most eMail Marketing Content Fails To Motivate Recipients

We don’t think the vast majority of email content we receive is worth very much at all. As a preface to this post, our reader should note IMB Enterprises, Inc. markets online editorial content services. So we are in the business of producing this type of content for clients. But we do not, presently, do a lot of this work.

On the other hand, we do constantly study the activities of our competitors for these services, and have an email system with, literally, hundreds of folders, which we use to retain most of the marketing email collateral we receive. We retain this information to keep ourselves current with the latest editorial styles and approaches.

The missing piece in 90% of the email marketing campaigns we’ve reviewed is any effort, whatsoever, to determine the type of information, if any at all, of interest to specific email contacts.

Rather, the approach is as follows: the prospect registers on a website to receive some information. Once the registration has been received, the prospect email contact information is placed onto an opt-in email list to which an endless stream of follow on marketing content will be sent, presumably, unless or until the contact opts out of the list.

If our experience is indicative of the norm, then it’s apparent to us why truly effective online marketing methodology is, still, in its very early stages of development. The investment in long term email push marketing (meaning direct marketing email campaigns) will rarely, if ever, pay off. To fix this problem we recommend businesses use one of the following methods:

  1. Carefully design online registration forms to include a list of questions to qualify the appropriateness, near term, and, perhaps, over the long term, of assuming a contact may become a sales prospect.
  2. Follow up website registrations with either a telephone call or an email request for more information about the contact registering on your website
  3. Do not use spurious methods of obtaining contact registrations. Include requests for registration in offers you know will produce real sales prospects at some appropriate point in time

Let’s face it, most contacts will never become prospects, so why inundate them with email content of no interest to them?

If your business can use some help rethinking your email marketing strategy, and you have a large contact list, give us a call, or send us a message. We welcome opportunities to discuss this type of requirement.

Ira Michael Blonder

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