Mapping Prospect Opportunities by Account is Sales Lead Development Activity 101

Account mapping is an essential activity for sales personnel marketing IT products to enterprise business customers. Too often, sales personnel simply speak with one or two contacts (almost always from an IT organization) and render a ranking opinion as to the likelihood of business to be forthcoming from enterprise business opportunities.

This level of prospect engagement is too superficial and, of most importance, simply restricted to the IT organization. For example, we recently followed up on some aged leads for a client at a major financial services firm. Two of the individuals with whom we spoke were members of the IT organization. One of the individuals is a technology architect for the global IT organization, the other a manager. Both of these individuals refused to engage with us in conversations. We suspected that there might be further opportunities at this prospect. We had gained almost no information about the prospect and, therefore, decided to look further for opportunities to engage with contacts.

Our business CRM system included contact information for the CFO for this prospect. We placed a call to his office, spoke with his administrator who was entirely willing to provide us with direct contact information for the current CIO as well as direct contact information for a prominent business manager, in communications, who, she felt, owns much of the prospect’s engagement around the IT product that our client services. On merely a first attempt to reach the prominent business manager we engaged with the individual who let us know of his interest in hearing further about our client’s product offering. Best of all, this individual committed to ensuring that a member of the IT organization would participate in a follow up conversation with us.

In sum, it is essential to scale sales integrated direct marketing efforts and, specifically, outbound teleprospecting, in keeping with the size of a business prospect. The bigger the enterprise at the prospect, the more effort required from the integrated direct marketing effort. Where ever possible, engagement should include business contacts along with IT contacts. Simply restricting contacts to an IT organization will not deliver an adequate amount of information to use as the basis of a decision about the suitability of a prospect for your product. Any/all conversations should be thoroughly documented and analyzed to glean as much meaningful information as possible about the prospect business. Sales milestones should be relaxed enough to permit the effort that may be required, over time, to collect an adequate amount of information about prospects.

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