Marketing Lead Generation Programs for Enterprise IT Software Need to be Tightly Coordinated If Best Results are to be Gained

Lead generation programs for enterprise IT software, for example, a campaign to set appointments for product marketing and/or sales to speak with prospects, need to be carefully coordinated if top results are to be achieved. It is important to keep in mind that commencing a direct outreach effort via telemarketing, rarely makes sense where promotional collateral has not been successfully developed (and tested). Further, once prospect interest has been identified, the next phase of marketing lead development needs to be carefully scripted. Missing on either of these points can entirely obliterate the value of identifying prospects. We think it makes more sense to delay the launch of lead campaigns until all of the campaign features have been certified by a test sample of contacts, etc.

As we have written elsewhere in this blog, we think that market surveys provide an excellent basis for developing prospect opportunities for enterprise IT software vendors. However, it is key to keep in mind that the objective of a survey is not to sell a product, but rather, to collect information about market sentiment on office automation software, as well as to identify specific prospects who would like to be added to mailing lists. The addition of a features “satisfaction” gauge to the list of points to be covered through a survey questionnaire certainly affords the survey respondent an opportunity to identify areas of potential needs. Once a survey respondent voices some significant level of dissatisfaction with features of an application, it certainly makes sense for a telemarketer to request the respondent’s permission to push contact information along to the next process in the lead development cycle. But it does not make sense for the next process to proceed in any other way than to simply continue to collect information on the specifics about the missing features in effort to properly assess the likelihood of solving a possible need that the prospect may have to improve these features.

In sum, it is imperative that the marketing and sales teams work very closely to completely orchestrate a plan for a lead campaign from first step, to last. Building these campaigns from a “ready, fire, aim” methodology should only be attempted as the campaign plan is in the formulation phase, certainly not with the finished product.

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