On Using a Coordinated Direct Marketing Campaign in a Lead Generation Program for Highly Competitive Markets

IMB Enterprises, Inc. offers considerable experience producing leads from highly competitive markets. We approach our task with a set of tactics that we refer to as a coordinated direct marketing campaign. We have built our tactics, in part, on some of the work of acknowledged experts in the fields of direct marketing, product marketing, and enterprise sales. These experts include Ernan Ronan, Jeff Thull, and, with regards to competitive markets, Michael Porter.

The remainder of our tool set amounts to a gallery of our own entirely original techniques, which we developed through our work with three entrepreneurs who successfully built businesses that went public. We need to note that two of these three individuals are serial entrepreneurs with several business-building success stories. They each built multiple businesses that successfully went public. We will be happy to present more information about these three entrepreneurs, and our affiliation with each of them, upon request. Please contact us for more information.

We are happy to say that we, ourselves, have successfully managed our own business, in its present form, for over ten years. Therefore, our clients can depend upon our consultants as representatives of a successful business venture, who, as required, can provide overall business counsel, as required.

The tactics that we have developed over the years, which we have used to successfully deliver the results required by our clients, maybe, to some extent, surprising. For example, we are equally comfortable conceptualizing, designing, and, then managing marketing communications efforts (including print and/or electronic media), telemarketing and teleprospecting campaigns, and even some aspects of product marketing. These tactics can be particularly useful to early stage businesses with unique (or seemingly unique) products as well as more mature businesses looking to consolidate several marketing roles into a single resource.

As well, our team includes individuals with expertise of strategic value for growing businesses in 2013. Of particular importance, as we see it today, with specific regard to marketing communications, is an ability to combine graphic design with editorial content into a recipe that stimulates the appetite, and provokes the required interest on the part of prospects, to motivate them to reach out and engage with vendors like our clients. The members of our team possess this expertise.

In our opinion, it is by no means satisfactory for our clients to simply either over emphasize the value of a strictly graphical representation of a concept, or, conversely, to merely portray it through words alone. Rather a combination and balance is required, of graphic elements, text, and video, particularly where the competitive markets of concern are enterprise businesses.

In the next post to this blog we will discuss the second section of our gallery of tools, telemarketing and teleprospecting.

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