Teleprospecting can be Used in Either a Marketing or Sales Campaign for Enterprise IT Software Products

Teleprospecting can be used with positive results across a range of marketing efforts for enterprise IT software products, services and integrated solutions. This method of directly engaging with the public and/or sales prospects can also be particularly useful for innovative enterprise ISVs within a coordinated direct marketing effort that includes a targeted marketing communications (MARCOM) piece. As we wrote earlier in this blog, the most effective delivery method for your MARCOM piece is email.

Teleprospecting should be used in a product development process to collect the opinions of a useful sample of a market for an enterprise IT software concept. Enterprise IT ISVs must exercise care to select technically knowledgeable teleprospectors who can be trusted to faithfully communicate information while engaging in a meaningful manner with contacts who will, themselves, bring technical perspective to these market sampling surveys. It is equally important that a teleprospecting script for this type of activity be composed with enough open questions — who, what, where, why, how — to stimulate contacts to offer the type of information that must be available if a product refinement process, post sampling survey, is to produce useful results. Nevertheless, this teleprospecting script must also include strategically positioned directive questions — meaning questions where only a yes, or no answer will do — to ensure that an answer is clear and unequivocal, as required.

Similarly, teleprospecting can be used, post sale, to survey customers. Using teleprospecting in this manner is particularly useful to determine general assumptions about typical customer purchase satisfaction, product application, and future needs. In the interests of insulating customers from an otherwise bothersome process, a small set of customers should be contacted, which should include a representative sample of all types of customers and, specifically, contacts who are using a product as well as contacts who approved a purchase decision. By contacting individuals who approved a purchase decision, enterprise IT ISVs gain an opportunity to determine the extent to which positive return on investment (ROI) has been realized for specific products across markets. As we have written elsewhere in this blog, collecting accurate information on this topic is very useful in 2012 and looks to stay this way for some time to come.

IMB Enterprises, Inc. offers substantial, current experience with teleprospecting activity for enterprise IT software product development. We can also collaborate with MARCOM teams as they put together the communications collateral required for sampling surveys. Finally, we can certainly draft teleprospecting scripts. Our monthly retainer plans start at $1599.00, with a 3 month minimum term. You can contact us online or telephone us at +1 631-673-2929 to discuss your specific requirement.

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