What Kinds of Direct Marketing Tactics Work in 2013 for ISVs?

ISVs in 2013 need to ask what works for direct marketing. Editorial content, activity updates to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, together with content annotation, are all useful methods of stimulating online visitors to engage, but telephone cold calls no longer promise the big returns of the past. What should direct marketing teams do to productively contribute to lead generation efforts?

Dormant leads are a great target market to serve with product information. As we wrote earlier this year, drip email marketing is the preferred tactic for this type of campaign. Direct marketing teams are a perfect choice to lead this effort.

We are on the lists of two of the most successful proponents of this tactic, Marketo and Eloqua.

Marketo emails content to its targets every 7 to 10 business days. Each message includes a call to action, usually to either download a report or to register for an event. Marketo uses free offers to encourage email recipients to engage.

Themes for drip email messages are crafted to illustrate a set of problems that target audiences usually experience. Different features of Marketo’s system are designed to solve each of the common needs presented by the emails. Recipients are kept interested with a range of different topics. Content is almost never repeated, but the same system features are regularly covered each month.

The goals for engagement, for example, analyst reports, or participation in discussions on industry best practices, are strictly made up of “advertorial” content. White papers present problems common to recipients, but the solutions are specific to Marketo’s system.

The typical recipient for the email drip marketing campaign is a mid level marketing manager who reports to either a head of marketing or sales. Recipients are kept on the contact list, regardless of whether they reply to emails, or not.

We do not have any familiarity with the direct mail version of Marketo’s method. We hear that target recipients are usually senior managers.

In the next post to this blog we will look at how Eloqua puts together a drip email campaign.

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