Adwords has Become an Accessible and Valuable Tool for Early Stage Enterprise IT ISVs to Drive Sales Interest

We have had direct experience with Google Adwords as a premium online advertising option over several years. Originally we undertook some management of a campaign established by a client in a retail business for formal apparel. Most recently we are managing campaigns for clients in enterprise IT technology businesses. We can finally say, with confidence, that Google Adwords is now a method of product promotion that meets our standards for accessibility and likelihood of return on investment (ROI).

The biggest difference between then and now is the availability, for 6 weeks at the start of any Google Adwords campaign, of unlimited technical assistance for any Adwords advertiser. This new feature goes a very long way to help technically knowledgeable organizations like ours to make better use of Adwords features, particularly as they can be coordinated with Google Analytics. For example, we can now get very granular as to how we manage keywords, literally turning them on or off, as required, on a daily basis as we fine tune client campaigns.

This granular control is a very big plus as our clients, across the board, have let us know that a big issue with Adwords has been the comparative high cost of utilizing this method. A familiar phrase that we used to hear from clients about Adwords was “out of control.” Somehow campaigns got out of control. Costs escalated and, in keeping with this escalation, true return on investment contracted. In contrast, today we can say with confidence that we can truly turn off what is NOT working very promptly to keep client costs within a workable range. Of most importance, for a likely few hundred dollars in click or CPM costs, at the onset of a campaign, our clients can develop a useful set of keywords that will deliver the sales required to maintain campaigns and grow overall business.

We would like to see a same day view of the “visitor flow” feature. Further, we would like to see a timely display of click costs where the display network is in use for a campaign. Finally, it would be very helpful if the documentation for Adwords was subjected to a thorough edit. The instructions and editorial content are still very opaque and certainly beyond the reach of non technical users. Nevertheless, we give very high marks to this promotional opportunity, and applaud Google on this effort.

If you are contemplating an Adwords campaign and would like to hear what we can do for you, then please contact us. Our monthly retained plans start at $3200.00.

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