Build Your eMail Marketing Program on leads generated by TeleProspecting

If we extrapolate from individual experiences it’s safe to say the 95% or more of email messages are ignored by recipients. Few people (and none that we have spoken with recently) have the time to read each of the emails received on a daily basis, let alone email messages that have no other purpose than to promote products or services. Nevertheless, there persists, to this day, a very high level of mass market interest in products that purport to deliver captivating email messages that will get the attention of buyers. Perhaps this interest is the result of observing that the low level of effort required to send email messages en masse, together with the availability of opt in email lists spells profit dollars for advertisers. The catch, as we see it and, in fact, the key to transforming the spam can into the inbox for recipients is to build an opt in list for an email marketing program with leads collected from teleprospecting and other direct marketing efforts.

eMail addresses collected during teleprospecting conversations, or even telemarketing calls have an inherently higher value than email addresses included in so-called opt-in email lists available for purchase. On the one hand, contacts have already exhibited interest in products or services; simply consider the commitment implicit to 20 minutes spent with a teleprospector on an unsolicited telephone call as an example of interest on the part of the prospect. Further, email addresses collected during teleprospecting conversations are usually offered, specifically, to receive additional information after the telephone conversation has concluded; therefore prospects will be waiting for messages that can be sent during an email marketing program.

We recommend that an email marketing program be run at the same time that teleprospecting and other direct marketing efforts are under activity. There is no need to wait to accumulate a “useful” number of email addresses. Further we think it impedes the effectiveness of an overall product marketing effort to focus too tightly on any one tactic. Rather, it is essential that marketing communications efforts encompass interactive and traditional media. We have worked directly with clients who attempted to ignore interactive. We were not pleased with the results of these efforts. Better to be present on all available media from the very start of marketing communications campaigns.

We are interested in your plans for an email marketing program and welcome opportunities to elaborate on our experience, not to mention to learn further about your objectives. Please call Ira Michael Blonder, IMB Enterprises, Inc at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion.

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