Cloud Security Solutions Look More Promising as a Business Model in 2013

As the result of a growing number of well publicized successful attempts to compromise the data security of some prominent cloud services, the near term potential for security solutions is more promising.

But the problem is not an easy one to solve. As we wrote earlier in this blog, Ethernet data communications does not lend itself to the the extensive handshaking of other protocols. So tracing origination points, etc, is a far more difficult process than would otherwise be the case with a different protocol. Of course, Ethernet data communications is the worldwide standard for communications over the wide area, so it’s not likely that the public will migrate to a different protocol any time soon.

Now that President Obama and other leaders in the US Federal Government have expressed the urgency of building a defense system for cloud services, the media has begun to adopt a more strident and urgent tone on the question.

Take a recent article by Nick Biltin, “Disruptions: New Motto for Silicon Valley: First Security then Innovations”, which was published on the New York Times website, Bits Blog, on Sunday, May 5, 2013. Mr. Biltin takes a close look at the security problems at Twitter. He thinks two stage authentication should be implemented to fix the security question (we aren’t so sure two stage authentication will fix the problem. We recently read a blog post on successful hacks of celebrity accounts where two stage authentication was compromised). Regardless of whether the solution he has in mind will work, or not, is not key to our point. Either way, the public has a need for better security. ISVs with relevant solutions should take the steps required to spread the word.

There is a case to be made for a security training offer. A lot of research has shown users either fail to follow correct procedures, or have not been informed about them. ISVs with an online help system offer should think about partnering with businesses with the security training content required to equip cloud services users with the procedures they need to use cloud services safely.

Ira Michael Blonder

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