Is Destined to Become a Cloud Version of BMC’s Remedy?

For all of the analysis and chatter coming out of’s Dreamforce 2013 annual event, is it safe to say the bright hope on the horizon for is to evolve into a cloud version of a help desk application like BMC’s Remedy?

After reading three articles on Marc Benioff’s Keynote address at the annual Dreamforce event held yesterday, Tuesday, November 19, 2013 in San Francisco, I’m left with no other conclusion. In an article titled Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Bets on Customer Service to Fuel Growth, Rachel King writes “Mr. Benioff used his keynote stage time to push the so-called Internet of Customers – what everyone else calls customer service.”

Ms. King, of course, is being kind to Mr. Benioff. “[W]hat everyone else calls customer service” is clearly understatement. Embedding customer service inside a mysterious concept called an “Internet of Customers” is nothing but pure hyperbole.

BMC’s Remedy Help Desk application is still one of the leading software solutions for customer service. As to why any business would opt to pay the much higher costs charged by for, essentially, the same functionality as presently offered by Remedy, remains to be seen.

Clearly Mr. Benioff had Cisco’s notion of an “Internet of Things” in mind when he crafted his “Internet of Customers” concept. But I see no more rationale for any business to buy’s “Salesforce 1” than I do for any business to buy into Cisco’s concept. Modern process control technology provides most businesses, today, with lots of methods of enabling devices, and even processes, with real time data communications capabilities over Ethernet. So there is no need to wait for some glorious “Internet of Things” to be built out.

I remember when machine information block (MIB) technology was first implemented with Hewlett Packard’s OpenView enterprise asset management and monitoring package. The Remedy Help Desk application was configurable for real time, seamless data communications with any business assets outfitted with a MIB. All of this happened back in 1992.

So what’s the big deal to hear all the capabilities regurgitated in 2013, merely an approximate 20 years later, by Mr. Benioff. “[EXPLETIVE] if I know.”

Ira Michael Blonder

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