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Virtual Dev SaaS Offers Like CloudShare Help Reduce the Cost of Starting Up an ISV Business

January 15, 2014

Marc Andreessen is quoted in an article published on January 3, 2014 in the Online Wall Street Journal: “The costs of building an Internet company today are far lower than they were in the late ’90s”. One can argue the same opportunity is also available to entrepreneurs building a business as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Mr. Andreesen’s comments were collected by Douglas Macmillan, in an article titled Andreessen: Bubble Believers ‘Don’t Know What They’re Talking About’.

A subscription to CloudShare can deliver substantial cost savings when compared to the cost of acquiring development software to build applications on premises. A CloudShare ProPlus subscription is available for a single user at a cost of $59.00 per month. An unlimited number of users can access a comparable set of features via a CloudShare TeamLabs subscription at a monthly cost of $199.00 (annual payment required). CloudShare Subscription costs provide users with unlimited access to otherwise expensive server applications, including Exchange Server 2013 RTM, SQL Server 2012 Standard, and any one of a long list of SharePoint servers.

When Doug MacMillan asked Marc Andreessen to differentiate today’s tech startup environment from the “Bubble Years” of the late 1990s, Andreessen states: “The new startups today, they don’t buy any of that stuff [meaning the computing infrastructure components required to build an Internet solution]. They don’t buy literally anything from any of those companies. Instead, they go on Amazon Web Services and they pay by the drink and they’re paying somewhere between 100x and 1000x cheaper per unit—per unit of compute, per unit of storage, per unit of networking, per unit of software.” (quoted from an article published on January 3, 2014 in the Online Wall Street Journal, a link to which has been provided above).

With CloudShare’s ProPlus subscription, early stage ISVs can also “pay by the drink” and capture the same magnitude of savings. Even better, there are absolutely no set up, or tear down charges with the CloudShare subscription. Many “SnapShots” of well known computing environments are available for rapid implementation.

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