Innovative Tech Businesses Should Pick Social Media Venues with Care

At present social media like Twitter require substantial amounts of daily management. In our opinion the effort/reward ratio presently emphasizes effort at the expense of reward. It is important to note that we say “presently” as this could change in the future. It is also important to define “reward.” We are interested in leads to sales of technology products to larger businesses and/or comparably sized groups in the public sector; therefore, reward in our parlance amounts to leads to business. Simply stated, we see very few leads and a lot of work to maintain presence.

For some businesses there is no option as regards presence. Large players in the technology arena cannot afford to go without social media presence. But our posts are not particularly directed to larger players; rather, we try to talk to the needs of emerging businesses that think they have innovative technology worth a look from corporate buyers and other larger prospects.

For our audience we still think it makes sense to be quite particular about the specific social media venue to be pursued as part of an online marketing campaign. True, we think the amount of work required to maintain a healthy Twitter page is very high. Twitter follower churn is very high. Our experience has been that businesses with a healthy online SEO presence tend to do much better with Twitter pages than is the case for businesses with otherwise obscure websites. Obscurity is often an intentional tactic implemented by businesses that opt to operate under the radar; therefore, for businesses that need to maintain some obscurity we don’t see where Twitter will produce much useful lead flow.

We think that blogs, on the other hand, make lots of sense. Blogs are great vehicles for targeting specific SEO keywords with the level of attention required to build healthy SERPs, especially where a blog can be used with an external website. Better to keep specific product promotion and any transaction apparatus on an external site (can be a sub folder of the same root site domain) where it belongs. The fact is that blog pages do not serve well as product pages. Nevertheless, and as mentioned, blogs can and do produce lots of useful leads. Further, we have interacted with prospects who have told us that they like the information they found on our blogs. In fact, our blog content facilitated greater confidence in claims made by our clients, saving prospects the effort of digging deeper to learn more about our clients online.

We welcome opportunities to elaborate on our experience with Twitter, blogs and, though not mentioned here, Google Plus. Please call Ira Michael Blonder, IMB Enterprises, Inc at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion.

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