Intel Introduces an embedded platform for industrial and automation markets and talks up 64-bit processors for tablets

On February 25, 2014, Intel® published a press release on its new embedded platform for industrial and automation markets. Titled “Intel Introduces Family of Virtualization Solutions for Industrial Systems”, the press release focuses on a new embedded system from Intel’s “Internet of Things” solution group titled the Intel® Industrial Solutions Consolidation Series. The platform is described as “a complete bundled solution containing an embedded computer with an Intel® Core i7 processor and a pre-integrated virtualization software stack.” (quoted from Intel’s press release, February 5, 2014. A link to the entire press release has been provided above).

The “pre-integrated virtualization software stack” will be of interest to machine OEMs. This component offers a lot of support for applications built on Microsoft®Windows, including Wind River’s version of Hypervisor.

OEMs will also want to stay tuned for further news from this product group. The announcement claims a release date sometime later this year for the virtualization software stock without the embedded system. McAfee Embedded Control® will be included.

Intel republished a couple of press releases from Fall, 2013 coincidentally, last week, with the world Mobile Conference held in Barcelona, Spain. The first of these, titled “64-Bits Matter as Mobile Computing Evolves” argues the imperative of provisioning 64-bit mobile devices to satisfy consumer appetite for more multi-tasking and memory. The release also appeals to Windows-centric enterprise IT organizations, arguing support systems already in place can be easily extended to include 64-bit architecture mobile devices.

This is an old press release. It neither mentions the simpler, less memory demanding Android and/or Chromebook architectures. Absent, too, is any reference to Apple’s pioneering foray into 64-bit architecture devices, including iPad and iPhone models. Anyone reading the release would likely question how Windows-centric enterprise IT will be of much help for enterprise Mac users.

The final press release, titled “Intel’s Bay Trail: Multicore SoC Family for Mobile Devices” is, once again, a release originally published in September, 2013. The Atom SoC processor powers Dell’s Vue Windows 8.1 tablet. Other PC OEMs, including Lenovo®, ASUS®, and HP® are all building tablets and ultrabooks on the Atom processor and the rest of the Bay Trail architecture. The release ends with mention of a revival of the old Celeron processor set, with presumably competitive pricing ($250.00 for an ultrabook with a touch screen display). But with OEMs marketing devices running the Chromebook architecture at a price point below $250.00 to retail consumers, readers will be hard pressed to see how the Celeron pricing for Ultrabooks is competitive.

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