ISVs grappling with commodity driven markets can safely look to online marketing for leads

ISVs offering software products in commodity markets can look to online marketing to generate useful sales leads. Typical sales cycle length for these leads can be a mere fraction of the amount of time required to identify, develop and close leads for complex product sales to global businesses and other large organizations. Therefore, we counsel this type of business to spend the time necessary to develop as prominent a level of online visibility as possible in order to prime the online lead generation pump.

As we have recently written elsewhere in this blog, we think it makes most sense for these ISVs to spend the time necessary to further optimize SERPs. Of course, some of this SEO effort should have been ongoing for a while as the best results are to be derived from combining ongoing SEO for a website with some decent level of online visibility (most of our clients have sites that magnetize approximately 1K visits per day) with a blog specifically dedicated to optimizing relevant sought after keywords in an absolutely natural manner. Each blog post should include a prominent link, together with the specific keyword string built into this prominent link as anchor text. We’ve had very good results with this and are happy to say that many of our prospects can look at leads to low hanging fruit while they are freed up to spend the requisite amount of time on harder sales that promise greater revenue.

Given the IT buyer profile for 2012, essentially an individual who comes up with the information that he/she requires prior to reaching out to a sales person anywhere, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to avoid participating in this online promotion if you are producing software for commodity driven markets. Why not jump in and enjoy an faster paced sales cycle?

Of course it is critically important that you have sales people at the ready to field these leads as they come in. IT buyers of 2012 do not have the patience to wait for replies; therefore, have staff ready to receive telephone calls and/or email as required. Well staffed ISVs with online presence that meet our above mentioned criteria can safely plan on a useful chunk of revenue to be received from the Internet if they follow our method. Of course, the best way to follow our method is to engage us for accomplishment of your online lead generation effort. Please call Ira Michael Blonder, IMB Enterprises, Inc at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion.

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