Keyword Selection is the Most Important Activity for Successful Search Engine Marketing

Selecting the right keywords is the most important activity for successful Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Web page content should be built around keywords. Structuring content to support keywords lends structure to web sites. Tools like Google’s keyword tool should be used to identify keywords worth studying.

The first step in researching keywords is to pick a set that is directly relevant to:

  • your product or service
  • and the most promising application that your product services for your market

Here’s an example, a software training business researches its customers and finds that most customers use its services, but do not make the purchase decision. This business decides to promote products and services online. The SEM expert selects keywords relevant to training and software. But the SEM expert goes a step further and includes keywords specific to the business case for purchasing the software. This extra step opens an opportunity for group orders for the software training business.

Continuing with this example, the SEM expert produces web page content to support the set of keywords selected for the campaign. Search engines will index the text content, thereby providing an organic basis for inbound traffic based on the targeted set of keywords.

To accelerate the process of capturing useful incoming traffic, the SEM expert produces a click ad campaign. The keywords in the campaign are all included in the set of keywords that the SEM expert used to build the web page content. Bids are placed that promise the software training business ad placements on the first page of search results. A budget is established to control the cost of the campaign.

A program built around this example will produce inbound traffic to a web site at comparatively low cost. Once the traffic reaches the web site, the on-page “calls to action” that we discussed in the prior post to this blog should be included to offer visitors a way to engage, while the content should provide them with a reason to engage.

In the next post to this blog we will discuss Google Analytics at greater length.

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