Online Engagement: When Something Sticks Do More Of It

We recently worked with our customer, Rehmani Consulting Inc of Plainfield, Illinois on a Press Release and follow up response on the topic of a debut of a new product. Our customer is in the business of producing video training content for Microsoft SharePoint. The response to the Press Release for VisualSP was surprisingly good. We received a magnitude higher level of in bound requests for information than we had for other online campaigns. Our natural response, and one that we highly recommend for innovative tech businesses, is to do more of what works.

Of course, a key component of getting to the point that we have arrived at is maintaining a “ready fire aim” strategy for marketing communications. We’ve written elsewhere about this approach, but with regard to core product marketing. While we do not like the very fast market entry that is characteristic of businesses that implement “ready fire aim” for core product marketing, we do like it for online marketing communications efforts. We think we are in good company with our position. General industry position appears to be that tech businesses should experiment with different approaches to online communications until a working formula is found that is “repeatable”.

So what is going to be our next step, now that we’ve found something that sticks to the market? As mentioned above, we will do more of the same. But we need to collect opinions from “names” from the market who have opted to engage with us to determine just what it was that they found to be sticky. Was it the communications piece itself, or something else? We will not be able to offer an answer on this until we have collected responses to make that determination.

Despite our uncertainty, we can certainly note here that even if the responses have been stimulated by the type of product, itself, we can still reframe the rest of our marketing communications efforts around a product theme, which is consistent with this effort. If this effort succeeds, then we will have successfully added more stickiness for the rest of our online communications efforts.

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