comScore Rocks the Boat on Online Advertising With a New Report

Jack Neff wrote an article, Worse Than You Thought: Nearly Half of Online Ads Aren’t Viewed, which was published on June 11, 2013. The intended audience for this article looked to us to be larger businesses, meaning enterprises in the $100MM and up category. But the points made in the article should be mandatory reading for any smaller business with a big commitment and a matching expectation for a pay per click advertising strategy.

Jack Neff notes: “ComScore raised eyebrows with research last year showing 31% of online display ads are never actually viewed, but upon further review, things are even worse: its latest data indicate 46% of ads are never seen by website visitors.” (quoted from Jack Neff’s article as published on the Ad Age website on June 11, 2013. We have provided a link to the entire article above). If ComScore is right, and only 54% of website ad impressions are ever seen by website visitors, then the cost of pay per click advertising is a lot higher than even we expected it to be.

In a post to this blog published this month, we reported on some new marketing collateral we received from Google. This collateral attempted to explain the new sophistication of online buyers, who may click on an ad, but then take a much longer amount of time than had previously been the case, to actually buy something as the result of what actually amounts to an online research mission.

Most of our clients cannot be satisfied with this kind of likely scenario. So we recommend smaller businesses implement a service like VisualVisitor or netFactor in lieu of a pay per click advertising campaign. VisualVisitor and netFactor provide anonymous website visitor recognition services. These services will provide the business names behind website visitors. Internal direct marketing teams of telemarketers or outbound email marketers can then, proactively, attempt to engage with these “leads”.

Certainly pay per click can work for an advertiser, but, in 2013, the marketplace is much more sophisticated. The expertise required to deliver, successfully, on a campaign will have to match the same level of sophistication and can translate into a higher management cost for the advertiser.

Ira Michael Blonder

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