Converting Anonymous Web Site Visits into Lead Opportunities

Another component of our online marketing solution is a better understanding of the behavior of visitors to a web site. The purpose of this component is to provide our clients with the information they need to hasten conversion of anonymous web site visits into business leads. For most small businesses with a web site, including persuasive call to action editorial content in site content has been the only accessible method of converting anonymous visitors into business leads. But the task of designing truly persuasive call to action content has become increasingly more challenging as the world wide web approaches a twentieth anniversary. Using pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns to present this content to the online market is, potentially, a very expensive strategy, especially so if the intended results are not forthcoming.

We’re looking closely at a company called VisualVisitor. They claim their analytics can be used to connect the IP addresses of anonymous web site visitors with telephone numbers. Imagine what a direct marketing team at your small business could do with the telephone numbers of your site visitors, regardless of whether they complete a registration form on your web site or not. If we hear what we think we will hear about this service, we plan on combining it with ClickBack in our online marketing automation offer for small businesses.

Before you run off to the VisualVisitor web site to sign up, you’ll need to design a plan for your direct marketers to gracefully place a telephone call to your site visitors. Most of the visitors, if not all of them, opted not to respond to your call to action. Simply calling them and referring to a visit to your web site will seldom work. We have a better way to make that connection. Contact us to learn more.

We’ll provide more information about VisualVisitor in tomorrow’s post to this blog.

Ira Michael Blonder

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