Early Stage ISVs Can Use email2lead from netFactor To Rapidly Add Business Information for Website Visitors Produced by eMail Campaigns

Emerging technology businesses, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), in particular, often operate with a small group of staff members who are comfortable multi-tasking between administrative, sales and support requirements. Email campaigns are a popular promotional method for these businesses. But the multi-tasking nature of daily activity can make it difficult for these businesses to extract the full value from their campaigns. When two people are doing the work of twenty, how will they find the time to collect background information on campaign recipients who pay a visit to the company website?

We’ve been using email2lead from netFactor. We think this product can fill the gap we’ve just described. The online report produced by this tool (which works very well with most email service providers, including MailChimp, iContact, Vertical Response and Jango Mail, just to name a few) provides a very rich set of information in one view, including:

  • Business Background Information for Website Visitors produced by email campaigns
  • The date and time of visits
  • the name of the campaign producing them
  • and the landing page for the visitor on your website

Business background information includes a link to the business’ website, the industry for the business, each geographical location for its facilities and the parent company name.

Exposing all of this helpful information online fuels a very rapid process of collecting important information on site visitors, responding to email campaigns, literally as they happen. Once the campaign is sent to recipients, the report starts to compile, and is ready for access. Sales teams can work with the results in optimum fashion, meaning as soon after a site visit occurs as possible.

Subscribers to the email2lead service can distribute accesss to online reports of campaign activity to all of the personnel who should have this access. This feature streamlines the process of notifying sales teams about prospect site visits. With email2lead there is no need to wait for one or two administrators sharing costly access rights to spread the word. Everyone with access to a web browser can get the same information simultaneously.

We’re keen on the product and also like the business information features, which smaller businesses can use in lieu of separate accounts with marketing lead services and likely save some substantial cash in the process. But the condensed report format is the biggest draw for us. Having all of the information available on one screen, with an option to click on a link to get further information, makes email2lead into a rapid response system, which can be used to capitalize on prospect interest with a perfectly timed sales call.

Ira Michael Blonder

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