Following Up on Anonymous Website Visits as a Method of Product Promotion

We make daily use of data on anonymous website visits in our work for clients. We use a service from VisualVisitor. Our service plan is available to any business at a cost of under $40.00 per month, which should be a manageable expense. Where we are engaged in discussions with prospects listed on these reports, we can use this data from VisualVisitor reports to predict likely decisions, and even build a wider picture of the stakeholders who will need to be included in our dialogue if we are to help prospects arrive at a decision to purchase one of our client’s products.

But from a broader perspective, following up on anonymous website visits can be a valuable method of promoting products and even building a brand. By definition this data can be used to identify the business domains from which online visitors access a website. But the data does not identify the actual person (or computer program) visiting the site. So any successful effort to engage with a contact from the business will likely present an opportunity to inform a new contact about a product or service.

Engagement opportunities emerging from anonymous website visitor tracking can be especially useful. The intrusive nature of an unsolicited telephone call on a subject foreign to a specific contact can, and should, be managed with a reference to the anonymous website visit prompting the effort. Most contacts will be more accepting of a call when they are informed someone else from the business evidently visited the site. A reference to products and services will likely be more memorable if a prospect is informed about them in the context of a discussion about a colleague’s visit to a website.

Early stage technology businesses should be keen to leverage any engagement opportunity to inform market participants about products and services. Direct contact with people is certainly the best method (albeit a comparatively expensive one) of educating markets about what your business has to offer. The cost of collecting information on anonymous website visits is low enough to justify some sort of outbound calling effort based on this information.

Ira Michael Blonder

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