Online Marketing Automation Solutions Accessible to Small Businesses

Earlier this year we spent some time reviewing two of the leading online marketing automation services available today — Eloqua and Marketo. Either of these services does a great job providing customers with a full featured lead management system. Some common highlights include lead nurturing and lead ranking tools. These services are great for larger businesses capable of paying hefty monthly charges (between $2 and $3K per month plus a set up charge in the range of $10K) while still seeing an attractive return on investment. But what about businesses in the $5M to $10M annual revenue range? Are there any alternatives to these high end services?

Fortunately the answer is “yes”. We’ll present some information shortly on a service offered by ClickBack, which can be used by small businesses to implement a lead nurturing system along with a lead ranking system. Configuration and customization will certainly be required for best results. But the overall costs will be far less than the cost of comparable services from either of the market leaders we’ve just mentioned. If you need to know NOW what we’re putting together, contact us, we’ll be happy to elaborate for you.

An online marketing strategy is a “must have” for any U.S. business in 2013. The leading edge of the market is grappling with how to successfully automate their marketing systems to reach small, smart mobile devices. Our system will deliver handsome returns on investment, and with much less effort on the part of internal staff. We’re enthusiastic about the information we’ll shortly share with our audience.

If a successful online marketing program is essential to the success of your business, you should familiarize yourself with the features of an online marketing automation system. Please check out Eloqua, Marketo and even ClickBack to learn more about these techniques.

Ira Michael Blonder

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