Promoting Tech Products to the Google Adwords Display Network with the Topics Feature

One of our clients sells help software for a popular collaboration tool widely used by enterprise businesses and large groups in the public and not-for-profit sectors. This client is promoting its products online with Google Adwords campaigns. We perform the daily maintenance required for these campaigns. Separate search network and display network campaigns have been set up for the help software product.

These campaigns haven’t produced desired results. The landing page for campaign ads was part of the problem. The editorial content for this page has been corrected. But clicks on ads for the display network campaign still exhibit too high a bounce rate (nearly 100%).

We spoke to Adwords about the problem. They recommended completely removing keywords for the display network campaign. They also said that topic targeting may provide a better way to select useful placement domains for our ads. We followed their recommendations.

They also recommended using image ads. Adwords now has a “Display Ad Builder.” This tool builds image ads for the advertiser at no additional charge. We think the ads are attractive and certainly worth testing live on the public. Each of our text ads was replaced yesterday with an image ad.

We spend most of our time with Google Analytics. Whenever we receive a click that ends up in a visit beyond our landing page, we want to know more about it, including the placement domain producing the click and the geographical location where the click originated. The Adwords team showed us how to build a custom report, which produces most of the information we need, including each page visited. Note: we still can’t identify the geographical location of the visitor for each click. We can easily determine the placement domain by running a standard report where the Primary Dimension is the Campaign Ad Group and the Secondary Dimension is the Placement Domain. This report provides us with the information we need on Pages/Visit, Avg. Visit Duration, and Bounce Rate.

In most cases, once we run our custom report for the Placement Domain identified by the standard report, we can take each of the pages included in the specific visit and run them back through another report, this time on content, by day, to determine the geographical location for the visitor. The visitor identification problem comes up when the visited page is very popular.

On March 7th the Adwords team demonstrated how we can use the “Dimensions” feature for the Display Network to expose the geographical location of the visitor. The “Customize Columns” feature, in Adwords, can be used to display City, Region, Country and Associated Geographical information.

Ira Michael Blonder

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