Quickly Recognizing Website Visitors Leads to Shorter Sales Cycles

We use VisualVisitor on this blog and Talking-SharePoint (a week day blog we write for one of our clients, Rehmani Consulting, Inc).

One of our clients is also using the product to quickly identify visitors to several pages on the customer’s website. In both cases we can say the product is contributing to shorter sales cycles. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • Our second online meeting with one of these prospects included the funding decision maker
  • The business information provided by VisualVisitor helped us identify an influential contact who had gained substantial familiarity with our products from a past employer. So this contact turbocharged the process with her endorsement of our product.
  • In a second case our first online meeting will include several contacts. With different groups represented in our first meeting, we will have a better chance to understand how decisions are made at the prospect’s organization
  • We identified website visitors from a couple of deals in progress. By observing the pages they visited on our website, including the length of their visit to each page, we could catch early indication of a change in purchase direction on the part of one prospect.

We don’t know of many businesses likely to complain about a shorter sales cycle.

We are also big users of Google Analytics. So reviewing historical information about website visits collected with VisualVisitor against data collected from Analytics helps us understand better how our overall market is reacting to the marketing collateral we publish on these websites.

It’s also very useful to have access to the search engine queries leading businesses to our websites. One of our clients purchases click ads with Google. When we correlate queries to click ad campaign objectives, we can remediate market place misunderstandings, while, at the same time, we add value to this client’s campaign by helping them fine tune impressions to communicate the right message to a realistic audience, given their objectives.

Ira Michael Blonder

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