Successfully Using a Service like VisualVisitor Requires a System to Manage Lead Volume

For a moderately high traffic website, meaning one with at least an approximate 4K new visits per month, a successful implementation of a website visitor identification system like VisualVisitor requires a method of managing the volume of “leads” the system will produce.

We maintain a site targeted to a B2B audience. Our site meets the traffic profile of a moderately high traffic web site. We implemented VisualVisitor on Friday of last week. We’ve received in excess of 200 “leads” since implementing the system. What to do?

A management system is required. This system can either be built with inhouse resources, or a service provider (for example, IMB Enterprises, Inc., please contact us to learn more) should be selected to manage the supporting system.

A broad objective of the lead management system is to identify high value prospects. One of at least two options can be used to organize leads to successfully deliver this objective: either face the leads to a key account and prospect lists, or structure website architecture to provide a path for higher value prospects to traverse, thereby automating the process of unearthing where it makes sense for your staff to spend time.

Here’s how the latter system works. We implement the type of “call to action” structure for web site pages usually used for pay per click advertising campaigns, but now applied to our campaign to expand the visibility of our website via organic promotional efforts. So when we receive leads from VisualVisitor of visits to our call to action pages, and other important spots on our site (for example, a page with a download link for whitepapers, case studies, etc), these visits are immediately scrutinized. Staff takes the steps required to attempt to engage with these prospects as soon as possible. Keep in mind that freshness is absolutely crucial to maintaining the pace of a progressive engagement with prospects.

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