Tracking Website Visits Should be a Mandatory Component of Online Marketing

In 2013 a business website has certainly become a critical component of product promotion and public relations. So it makes sense to gain as thorough an understanding as possible about the visitor experience to a business’ website.

Google Analytics is a free tool capable of producing some useful information about website visits. But getting data into “useful” shape with Google Analytics, alone, can be very difficult. The task becomes even more challenging when a business opts to advertise with Google Adwords. Correlating visits, keywords, and visitor paths through websites requires expertise. When the real need is simply to identify businesses visiting a website, engaging in a highly complex process to tie all of these factors together makes little sense and promises little return on investment.

We’ve written on several occasions about VisualVisitor. We will soon add some posts to this blog on another service, netFactor. The latter service also provides business users with a method of identifying business visitors to sites, along with business intelligence about the business visiting the site, and even a method of collecting online business visits to web sites and visits facilitated through other electronic media (eMail, social media, etc) into a collection of data useful for business intelligence gathering about specific site visitors.

When the information produced by either of these services is coupled with data collected by Google Analytics, business users can gain an understanding of not only website visitor experience, but also the features of websites producing intended visitor responses and those failing to do so. So it is possible to improve features in a meaningful way, once accurate data becomes available about visitor experience on a website. Acting quickly to fix online marketing communications problems makes sense. The early warning promised by the combination of tools mentioned in this blog post should provide most business users with an attractive return on investment, not to mention better revenue from online sales efforts.

If you’d like to hear more from us about this combination of tools and services, please send us a message, we’ll be happy to elaborate for you.

Ira Michael Blonder

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