VisualVisitor and netFactor Combine Lead Lists with Web Site Data

We refer to VisualVisitor and netFactor as hybrid lead services. Both offers combine the kind of data Hoovers, and its competitors, offer along with the web site visit data we’ve discussed over the last few posts to this blog.

It makes sense for any service in this category to present a similar combination of features. As we explained in the last post, it’s simply not possible to positively identify a specific business (let alone a specific individual within the business) as a visitor to a web site based solely on an entry to a traffic log. So these services combine lead lists with the visitor data. If nothing else, the lead list information will be useful.

At an advertised monthly cost of just $39.00, VisualVisitor is certainly less expensive than either a monthly subscription to Hoovers, or even a monthly subscription to a direct competitor, for example, netFactor. We’ve registered for a free trial of the service and plan on reporting on our experience shortly.

But it makes sense for small businesses to consider a subscription to a service like VisualVisitor for other reasons. Inside sales teams can be tasked with reaching out to the companies identified as probable visitors to a web site. We recommend opting not to refer to the site visit at all. Just to recap: you can’t be sure anyone from the prospect actually visited your site. Even if they actually visited the site, they decided not to complete your contact form, or any other call to action on your site.

Either a carefully scripted outbound telemarketing call, or an email message makes sense as a first effort to engage with these anonymous visitors. We like to include an apology in the script for the call, or the content of the email message. Don’t lose sight of the fact that your prospect never requested the call.

Once the apology is out of the way, a short statement of why it may make sense for the prospect to give you some of his or her time should follow right away. We refer to this “slight taste of product presentation” as a method of qualifying the real interest level of the prospect as early into the engagement process as possible.

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