Some Perspective On the Role Played by Personal Data for Online Search

On Saturday, February 15, 2014, The New York Times published an article by Claire Cain Miller, titled ‘The Plus in Google Plus? It’s Mostly for Google’, Miller clearly presents a challenging component of the type of highly effective personalized search ISVs (principally Google) need to leverage to deliver satisfactory returns for the advertisers buying their online promotion services in the form of click advertisements.

Google Plus, for Miller, is ” . . . a lens that allows the company to peer more broadly into people’s digital life, and to gather an ever-richer trove of the personal information that advertisers covet.” (quoted from an article written by Claire Cain Miller and published in the New York Times on Saturday, February 15, 2014. A link to the complete article has been provided in the paragraph above).

I personally think Google “covets” this data a lot more than its advertisers. As I wrote recently, anyone listening to the webcast of Google’s most recent quarterly results will note mention of a more “precise” search technology. This “precision”, in my opinion, can’t be delivered without extensive collection of personal data. Apparently, Google Plus provides Google with a very valuable method of collecting this information.

From Miller’s article, it’s clear Google Plus provides Google with a method of innocuously collecting this data. Is this activity bad? I don’t think so. Rather, it’s an example of present day technical limitation on online search methods like the Google search engine.

A couple of posts back in this blog I argued for a different technical approach, namely one less likely to produce the kind of “bull in the china shop” (pardon my use of a cliché) effect on personalities which, unfortunately, plagues today’s methods.

To reiterate: any ISV with the technical components required to produce a less “person-dependent” online search method stands to make a bundle. If you’ve got the technology, please let me know.

Ira Michael Blonder

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