Recommended Activities to Support Social Engagement and eMail Messaging

Outbound eMail Messaging
Periodic announcements, including press releases, invitations to webinars/seminars/conferences, white papers, etc can be legitimately followed with unsolicited telephone calls to email recipients. These calls need to be scripted to either repeat the announcement, to solicit attendance, or to determine contact interest in receiving further email messages along the same vein. Don’t use the occasion of an outbound email message (crafted specifically along the lines of what we’ve just mentioned) to determine contact interest in an unrelated conversation. In fact, attempting to legitimize wholly disconnected telemarketing activity under the umbrella of following up on email announcements is a sure way to taint sales efforts as “overly aggressive”. It’s essential that email messaging and telephone outreach efforts be entirely coordinated if favorable results are to be captured.

On the other hand, using email messages as a reason to embark on a telephone outreach campaign makes very good sense. Further, with the email message on hand, and readily available for distribution to new recipients, a legitimate opportunity has been created to inform these contacts about what they’re missing as the result of not having opted into your email contact list. Of course, should an opportunity for a substantive discussion with one of these contacts emerge, from one of these calls, there is no problem pursuing the discussion and, potentially, a sales lead.

Social Media Conversations
We’re big on social media conversations. But we see scant opportunity for social media conversations to emerge from offsite media like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. On the other hand, blogs on business domains provide an excellent venue for two way dialogue with website visitors. It’s been our experience that legitimate blogging on market relevant topics, with insightful prose, will stimulate a response from prospects; therefore, don’t overlook blogs.

With regard to blogging, and in direct contrast with our recommendations regarding email messaging, we think daily blogging makes very good sense. We’ve recent experience building blogs with upwards to 100 or more keyword rich posts. We’re just now beginning to engage in two way dialogue with site visitors, a phenomenon that, as we’ve just mentioned, we find quite elusive with Twitter, Facebook, etc. In these cases there is no need to jump into a teleprospecting conversation with a prospect, rather, the best benefit is to be realized from online dialogue which, admittedly, will be available to many more contacts than simply the one you’ve engaged in a discussion.

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