Search Engine Optimization Continues to be an Essential Component of Online Marketing

We work very closely with our clients on their product marketing requirements. Our staff can, and often does, play the role of an interim senior executive in a marketing organization. The scope of work for one of our engagements frequently has our staff member thinking a lot about marketing communications in a lead generation context.

Of course, in 2013 online media represent the most important venue for our efforts. Just when it looked as if social media (in the following order):

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Facebook

and email marketing automation were going to be the object of a lot of our focus in the remaining winter months of this year, we find ourselves, looking, once again, at a very familiar, but nevertheless still challenging task — namely keyword optimization of web site content for search engine marketing.

We came to this realization when we reviewed the progress of a Google Adwords campaign undertaken by one of our clients. We’re members of the Google Engage program for agencies. Before we jump into what we found when our client’s campaign was reviewed (at a high level by our contact at Google and at a detail level by our team), let’s take a few moments to look at what drove our interest in checking up on the campaign.

We need to note that our scope of work for our client hasn’t included day to day management of the Adwords campaign. We do spend a lot of time, daily, working with Google Analytics, but this work is largely a matter of measuring activity resulting from a technical content marketing effort, which we have undertaken through a blog, Twitter page management, and some posting to LinkedIn alerts and Google +.

As we thought about the impact of relatively pricey email marketing automation campaign options for this client we requested permission to review the Adwords campaign. Regardless of whether the method amounts to implementing an email marketing automation program, or an Adwords campaign, or, for that matter, an effort to use organic Search Engine Results Placements (SERPs), the objective is still the same, and completely aligned with the same objective for technical content marketinggenerating leads that can be developed into a sales ready condition.

In fact, the Adwords campaign (as well as the effort to use organic SERPs) were not delivering on expectations. In the next post to this blog we will provide a bit more description to the gap between expectations for our client’s campaign and results.

This is the first of several blog posts on the SEO and Pay Per Click Theme; therefore, please watch coming posts as we add to this information.

Ira Michael Blonder

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