Social, Search Engine and eMail Marketing Strategies to Develop Valuable Sales Leads

Incoming eMail Inquiries
Where online public branding is correctly aligned with marketing strategy, incoming email inquiries about products and/or services constitute highly valuable leads. The catch, obviously, is to ensure that the planned transparency has been achieved, the right message is being received. A useful mechanism for gaining assurance that “what you see is what you get” is in place is to utilize surveys and sample audience response while online medium are optimized. A survey can be nothing more than a series of open questions (heavy on “who” “what” where” “how” information gathering and very light on “yes” or “no” statement validation). A sample audience can be built from a series of once or twice removed contacts culled from a management team, or a circle of contacts.

We have worked recently with clients who have collected extremely high quality leads from a substantially transparent online brand message. In this case, product branding was successfully clarified through methodical, repetitive, authentic efforts to highlight targeted online search keywords through content creation — specifically blog posts, together with an ongoing, simultaneous effort to include “call to action” messaging within the client’s core web site, itself.

Receiving inquiries about products that are offered and available and, further, at published prices, by contacts who claim to make decisions at prospect businesses can be a dream come true. If pricing has been correctly established, then it should not take a high volume of these leads to result in meaningful revenue.

Outbound eMail Messaging
We do not endorse carpet bombing contacts with daily unsolicited email messages regardless of whether or not contacts have opted into email mailing lists. We see this phenomenon as a dangerous activity that will actually produce the opposite effect than the outcome intended for this activity. We like to refer to this opposite effect as stimulating prospects to cover sensitivity with information “callouses.” Obviously, on the day that you publish and send a potentially valuable piece of information to a prospect, it will be very unfortunate if that prospect has already set a rule to move any/all correspondence from you to a trash bin somewhere.

What we do endorse is highly targeted email messaging, to be sent occasionally, on topics where you have determined some interest on the part of your email contact list. Generally we recommend using invitations to webinars, white papers, slide shows, etc. as the right reason to engage in this type of messaging. Another reason for legitimate outreach to prospects via email messaging can be the publication of a press release.

Social Engagement
We like to present the rationale for participation in social media as a twofold effort to open opportunities to engage with contacts and to optimize web sites with search engines through the creation of inbound links from high ranked external, authoritative websites. Beyond these two reasons we see little value in habituating on facebook business pages, etc.

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