Successfully Bridging the Web Sites Visits to Engagement Gap is an Imperative for Online Product Promotion for Enterprise IT ISVs

While it cannot be said that lots of enterprise IT software ISVs would define the online marketing term, “conversion” as a web site visit that results in a sale, it should be the case that this same set of businesses ought to define “conversion” as a web site visit that results in an invitation to engage that is presented by a prospect.

In other words, a “conversion” amounts to a web site visit that ends up with a message sent by the web site visitor to the business that owns the web site, either electronically, or via a telephone call.

With this definition in mind, we think that enterprise IT ISVs ought to allocate lots of available resources, appropriately, to an effort to support a high rate of conversion from web site visits to engagement.

Of course, invitations from prospects to engage on topics relative to product purchases constitute very high velocity sales lead opportunities. Therefore, they represent a valuable objective, which if achieved, can deliver a substantial portion of revenue requirements, if not all revenue requirements.

So why the gap that is very often to be found between a high volume of web site traffic and very low levels of engagement? The problem is that online content — mainly comprised of the text to be found on web pages — is not optimized for search engines. In simple terms, the key words that a search engine like Google assigns to the web pages on these poorly optimized web sites are usually either missing, or not the correct set to produce the incoming engagement that the business is after.

Fixing this problem involves a number of steps. We recommend first identifying competitors who can be verified as receiving the right level of incoming invitations to engage from web site visitors. Once these competitors have been identified, their web sites must be analyzed to determine why they are placing with enough prominence on Google to attract web site visits where the visitor opts to convert.

We use automated tools to provide us with the information about key words, key word density, inbound links, etc., which all contribute to the prominence of these web sites. Finally, we encourage some direct discussions with parties that have engaged with competitors to obtain the answers to a set of who/what/where/how/why questions, which MARCOM can use as the optimization effort begins for the web site. It should be noted that these direct discussions can be realized in the course of teleprospecting activities.

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