Web Site Key Word Optimization Contributes Substantially to Narrowing the Visits to Engagement Gap

Successfully optimizing key words contributes substantially to narrowing the visits to engagement that usually arises as enterprise IT ISVs begin to promote their businesses online. Simply put, this gap amounts to a wide disparity between the number of visits to a web site and the number of opportunities to engage with visitors on business development topics.

It is important to reiterate that we are presently speaking about the experiences of enterprise IT ISVs, rather than businesses selling tangibles; for example, wedding dresses. IMB Enterprises, Inc. spent nearly 3 years from 2004 to 2007 working closely with a successful online retailer of wedding dresses on his online marketing and sales requirements. For example, we produced an automated system to publish product pages on his web site, which were all static pages and, in theory, inherently better optimized for search engine indexing. We also worked very carefully on competitive analysis and key word optimization requirements for this client who, admittedly, needed to sell items in a very competitive market. Unequivocally, we can say that engagement with prospects occurred with a substantially higher frequency for this client than is the case for enterprise IT ISVs, who are selling intangibles, with whom we have been working for the last 2 years.

Regardless of the differences between our experiences with these two types of clients on the topic of the engagement gap, we can say that the method of narrowing the gap amounts to the same careful analysis and refinement of key words. In order to analyze key word performance, relevant data must be compiled. Usually, relevant data amounts to historical search engine results placement (SERP) information for the three search engines that we care about — Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Tracking this information on a regular basis is very time consuming — especially where web sites to be analyzed include web sites maintained by competitors. Therefore, we look to commonly available software tools to automate this task. We are keen on Advanced Web Ranking from Caphyon, SRL. Most of these tools are in the low to moderate price range. As is the case with most on premise software, the learning curve required to manage this type of software can be steep; therefore, we think it makes sense to engage with a specialist who should be expert with a preferred tool and, thereby, eliminates the learning curve phase, all together.

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