Contacts Must be Regularly Removed from Enterprise IT Software Lead Lists to Maintain a Courteous Rapport with Market Place Participants

So-called opt-in email programs are frequently abused by clumsy marketing communications teams. These teams, often working on behalf of enterprise IT software ISVs, abuse the privilege of regularly communicating with specific recipients by inundating them with high frequency email messages. We don’t think this makes sense. Neither do we see how this type of activity benefits the sponsoring ISVs. In fact, we think respondents are often irritated by this type of activity, to the point of deciding to look elsewhere when purchase requirements arise.

We think it makes more sense for these marketing communications teams to periodically remove names from these lists as indication is received that recipients are, in fact, oblivious to messages. We are pleased to note that recently we did receive communications from several of these teams requesting that we reconfirm our opt-in to their email list. This type of request can prove to be a useful tool as businesses purge contact information for individuals no longer interested in product communications.

It is very important that the same attention to courteous behavior with market place participants be observed by telemarketing and teleprospecting teams. We have a standing policy that contacts who fail to respond to three attempts at contact be removed from call lists. This is not to say that we delete these names. In fact, we consider the activity of deleting contacts from lists as entirely within the power of our clients. Rather, we simply code these prospects differently to ensure that they will no longer be included in regular direct contact programs.

An added benefit of maintaining the type of cleansing program that we have just described is that the ability of communications team to properly manage time should improve, perhaps substantially. Further, resources will likely become available to properly address real opportunities as they emerge from the contacts left on these contact lists. Finally, lead generation programs can be used to identify additional contacts at important prospect opportunities to ensure that a fresh set of contacts is available for follow on intelligence gathering and lead development efforts.

In fact, messy contact lists that feature a high proportion of truly disinterested individuals are generally a waste of time that ought to be avoided by communications teams.

If your communications teams are constantly producing new campaigns for the same set of contacts, but fail to produce much engagement beyond an intitial outreach effort, you should look to reduce the size of your list by removing disinterested contacts while you lower the frequency of contact campaigns. If you understand the value of the type of regular purge activity that we have described, but haven’t the resources to manage it, you should consider working with a third party who can deliver the program for you.

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