Identifying Enterprise IT Prospects With a Strong Interest in Making Changes to Systems is an Important Part of Generating Useful Leads for Complex Sales

There is no point calling long lists of enterprise IT contacts who have little need for one’s product/service/integrated solution. Companies experiencing financial pain usually have needs. Therefore, we think it is far better to follow news about public companies and other large organizations than to spend lots of time attempting to reach contacts at prospect businesses that may not have any relevant needs.

In our experience, a news service is an essential component of a powerful lead generation tool set capable of benefiting sales. The least cost news service that we know of is Google News. We’ve set up a series of searches under our Google login which we run each day to unearth the type of prospect that we are after on behalf of our clients. Another free service that we have used, but lately have made no use of is Eqentia. The latter is experiencing long standing, chronic technical problems. The only reason why we are mentioning it here is that its search feature, when it worked, proved to be very useful for us. It would be great if this company is either acquired, or receives some cash so that they can resolved their technical problems and get back online in a working fashion.

Maintaining a Twitter page is an excellent activity that can be useful to “force” a sales team into a daily routine of reviewing news for indicators of promising prospects. We maintain several Twitter pages. In order to manage these pages we have made heavy use of “retweets” to which we have added our own annotations. Retweeting and annotating, of course, forces Twitter page management staff to read news, summarize, and render opinions based upon products offered; therefore, this activity will produce companies who may be worth contacting.

But digging deeply into the news to find specific mention of relevant and promising opportunities will require the use of a premium service. It’s one thing to identify a company that has had a poor business quarter, which can be attributed to expensive administrative costs, but quite another to find one with similar expensive administrative costs directly attributable to costly IT operations and, further, in specifically those areas of enterprise IT computing where one’s product adds value (value means reduces cost).

We think that services like Dow Jones Factiva, and Lexis Nexis and their peers are the only resources available to obtain the level of detail regarding costs that we are after. The annual price tag for either of these services will fall somewhere between $4K and $10K, which cost we think is considerably less expensive than the cost of using sales staff to speak with contacts at prospects who can point to the type of high quality opportunities that make for useful complex sales leads.
Of course, a business must have the cash to purchase an annual plan for at least the first year, to ensure the lowest possible cost for either service.

As we have written elsewhere in this blog, companies suffering from high administrative costs and, specifically, in the IT area have a great incentive to change. We want to spend all of our time with prospects who need to change things. We think most innovative technology business entrepeneurs will agree. If you would like to learn further about why news is an important part of our complex sales lead generation service please do reach out to us. Telephone Ira Michael “Mike” Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at

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